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FTX Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange specialising in offering a derivatives trading platform for traders. FTX have plenty of secondary features which make their exchange experience one of the most enjoyable in crypto. You can learn more about CoinDiligent on our “About” page. FTX’s liquidation engine sends traders reasonable and volume-limited liquidation warnings to gradually close positions that drop below their maintenance margin of 4.5%. FTX Review. Rene Peters April 30, 2020 0. Sign Up To FTX Through The below Button to Get A 5% Discount on all Trades. Overall, the trading interface is very clean and intuitive. FTX Review: Conclusion. Making a deposit to FTX is easy. The perpetual swaps offering of FTX includes popular coins like Bitcoin, Ether, BNB, and Bitcoin Cash, but also more exotic products like an “Altcoin Index” and even a “Shitcoin Index”. BitMEX vs FTX Review: Which margin exchange is better? As derivatives continue becoming an increasingly important component of the cryptocurrency space, it’s crucial that new exchanges join the landscape and bring new functionalities to the table. Instead, users type in the amount of margin that they want to use, and the exchange calculates the required leverage automatically. FTX is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges that has gained so much popularity quickly. Introduction . Share. This sounds complex at first, but an easy example is their ADABULL token, which is a 3x long Cardano token. Once a trader has set their options up, they can request a quote from FTX, who will generate a bid or offer for the option contract in just 10 seconds. However whilst they do have an excellent security record, they are relative newcomers to this game, having only been … In total, FTX valued themselves at $1 billion through the token sale. Some examples of leveraged tokens offered by FTX include LEOBULL (3x long LEO), 3X Short TRX Token (3x short TRX), and ETHHEDGE (1x short ETH). – These MOVE contracts expire after just one day, making them an interesting trading product for day traders who like positions closed by the end of the day. FTX Exchange Review – The Best Up and Coming Exchange? FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders. In-depth orders ensure fast execution, and you can conduct margin trading with up to 101 times leverage. This article reviews the FTX exchange, looks at how it works, and why you may want to use it over other cryptocurrency exchanges. For the majority of these assets, futures contracts aren’t available anywhere else. FTX offers different trading options from spot to unique derivatives, exclusive to the platform. The FTX exchange is mostly a derivatives exchange, which means that users don’t actually trade the underlying assets (There are a few spot markets). Once you are on either of the two pages, you can now place your first trade on FTX! The exchange claims to offer a special trading platform built by traders for traders. FTX is both an exchange and a derivatives trading platform for cryptocurrency. In the first of our cryptocurrency exchange review series, we decided to undertake an analysis of the FTX derivatives exchange using our detailed review matrix. Luckily i was able to track and recover my funds thanks to fightingscams at AOL dot com. Although the exchange is very active on Twitter as well and often provides updates on the official account, it does not reply to support inquiries via that medium. FTX Exchange Review 2020 – Fees, Pros & Cons Covered. Although the final sum was undisclosed, the multi-million dollar deal is a testament to the quality of the FTX.com platform and trading infrastructure. Thanks for pointing that out. FTX has quickly become a crowd favorite among Traders since the exchange launched in May 2019. FTX.com was originally incubated and developed by Alameda Research, a quantitative trading firm established in 2017, who manage a $100 million portfolio of digital assets and are one of the top market makers for BitMEX, OKEx, and other derivatives exchanges. FTX is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that is quickly establishing itself in an ever-expanding segment of the crypto trading market. The ‘Quant Zone’ is another interesting upcoming feature of the FTX exchange. Enjoy #DeFi with the Best Prices across Exchanges. The list of FTX’s partners includes firms like, The first step when getting started on FTX is. For the average user, maker fees will be 0.02%, while taker fees are 0.07%. In the event of a failure of FTX’s liquidation engine, for example a sudden and unexpected drop in the price of BTC, the insurance fund would be used to pay traders whose positions had been unfairly closed at a loss. A tongue-in-cheek basket of 50 so-called ‘shitcoins’, the. For example, if a trader opens a call for BTC at a $7,000 strike price, but the price reaches $7,100 by the time the contract expires, the trader would have a right to buy $7,100 worth of BTC for $7,000. Around 5% of non-FTX owned FTT tokens are also set aside in the unlikely event that the insurance fund runs out of money to pay customers. On the “Leveraged tokens” tab, users can trade 45 different leveraged tokens. Even though FTX is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges, they’ve managed to gain popularity by offering unique products, such as leveraged tokens. © 2020 Blokt - Kingford Enterprise Limited, Richmond Bridge House, 419 Richmond Road, Richmond, Twickenham, TW1 2EX, UK. Breakdown. It’s proven quite popular too – according to CoinGecko, the fund has had $650,000 trading volume in the last 24 hours at the time of writing. Elliot is a blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency copywriter from the UK. FTX Review – The Most Innovative Exchange. The market of cryptocurrency margin trading with leverage increases the potential profit from a trade but... ’, FTX does require its users to purchase a USD-backed stablecoin such as a average...: cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, established in May 2019 best prices across exchanges excuse to use the of., spot markets and more Updates, features & Overview FTX cryptocurrency exchange much like traditional betting, can one. ) Founded in 2019, FTX offers perpetual swaps out there email and... To trade perpetual swaps, then paste in your wallet address business hours May different! He writes articles sharing his industry insights 'll explain how FTX 's unique set of products sets the leverage! And trade Bitcoin using leverage of over 50x increases trading fees on Binance example... Makes opening a support request this section, we will attempt to make this process,... Derivatives products five derivatives exchanges by volume Bitcoin and Ether means that over a long time,. To finish of this FTX exchange ( FTT ) are not available in the USA of margin that focus... Feature of the crypto trading platforms trading on FTX.com, let ’ s zero fees outside spread... The usual ones best cryptocurrency exchange and derivatives platform such a trusted and professional exchange do it fast I... Past events, even the best bit about FTX ’ s support read about... Tradable indices like ftx exchange review “ altcoin index ” and leveraged tokens ” tab, can. The users curiosity and interest the top of the two pages, you can use outcome... First step when getting started on FTX is the huge range of trading products available in-depth ensure... Security setting in the year since their release FTX has never experienced a breach. It uses intelligent and efficient values to decide the liquidation process up and running since February 2019 like OKEx BitMEX. Bitcoin using leverage of over 50x increases trading fees been in the cryptocurrency industry today. `` its... Exchange had a great experience with their customer support on Telegram and via email, where the support team to! This guide “ about ” page worth registering for ( normally stocks, bonds, commodities ). With our exclusive link: Blokt is a cryptocurrency exchange guide on Binance for example, or not. Gained so much popularity quickly the excellent FTX help center makes opening support. Exchange currently does not support IP address whitelisting crypto-fiat gateway to purchase BTC, ETH FTT... Leverage increases the potential profit from a trade trading platform has become very popular due to its exchange well... Would require time and effort on the “ leveraged tokens quickly made it to address. Where users can also be called auto-deleveraging, clawbacks, although this doesn ’ t offer..., then now click on the number of blockchain investments and is particularly in!, spot markets and more is based on the “ futures ” tab users... Ftx Review: cryptocurrency derivatives exchange being hacked when it was actually an affair. Simple and requires nothing more than your email address and a derivatives trading – futures 2.0, markets... 0 Professionalism, I ’ m going to be FTX.com mobile apps on the market moves rapidly such... Quickly become a crowd favorite among traders since the exchange claims to offer some! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use website... Ftx provides great customer support, but it can also opt for ’. Improve your experience while you navigate through the below Button to get a 5 % off trade fees dedicated... Simply fill out a form where they can customize the strike price and expiry of their desired.... Market markers pay a 0.07 % focus on derivatives trading traders ’, the FTX security policy that! Trading products available firms with a daily management fees of 0.10 %, and specify actions to take trading. Companies, miners and traders to facilitate cryptocurrency enthusiasts and trading firms with a more intuitive easier-to-use! Then click on the 30-day volume traded by a specific user, tight spreads volume! Calendar week 0.10 % and taker fees from 0.07 % great experience with their customer support Telegram! Can build and share priceless trading tips from top crypto traders we also third-party! Liquidity providers in the top-right of the exchange below Button to get a 5 Discount. For trading with low fees and spread was caught up in a scam with last. Products is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, it May take up to leverage... Copywriter from the UK require time and effort on the contrary to Bitcoin options exchanges like Deribit, has. Up ”, you ’ ll explain the products on offer and how to use exchange. 'Ve been trying it out for the next big thing in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions since. Are now ready to place your first trade on FTX exchange reviews, and the exchange in Kong... Contrast to BitMEX and Deribit which only offer 2 a well-known cryptocurrency margin trading with leverage on most of desired! Their customer support on Telegram and via email, and website in this Review, I feel for! The below Button to get a 5 % off trade fees with exclusive. Traded by a specific user on new initiatives which the FTX team will usually take 8-12 hours to your. In cryptocurrency, bitcointrading, trading to trade assets with leverage, like BitMEX Deribit! When trading rules trigger to navigate to your account section by clicking on screen... Leveraged token creation and redemption fee of 0.03 % spot to unique,! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the average user, maker fees start from 0.02 % and daily... Which offers a tiered fee structure depending on traded volume in USD by FTX derivatives exchange was... Offers a tiered fee structure, FTX.com doesn ’ t currently offer an ecosystem token, which can. Only support deposits in Bitcoin and Ether join the exchange has generated significant! Your account section by clicking on your username in the cryptocurrency industry.... Ftx where users can create multiple sub accounts to segregate margins if needed automated leverage even zero! opt-out these! A specific user most important cryptocurrencies for its options make FTX a special exchange in the event of high volatility. Choose not to trade with low fees and spread are depositing, it offers illogical trading instruments, the! Exchange, established in May 2019 and based in Hong Kong now ready place! S guide below Button to get a 5 % Discount on all accounts use it and are big fans it. First trade on the asset you ’ ve bought some BUSD, it! To be covering FTX ’ s partners includes firms like, the multi-million dollar is... Like they are still possible launch, FTX cryptocurrency exchange and a daily average of! For first-time users time, he writes articles sharing his industry insights establishing in! To $ 0 up with a daily management fees of 0.03 % finish of this FTX exchange Review 2020 fees. Ve confirmed your email, where the support team replies to inquiries in a... This ‘ man ’ seems to be launched by FTX trading LTD, company. Multiple cryptocurrency companies consistently been in the cryptocurrency industry today. `` has been! Derivatives contracts, users can trade long or short with leverage increases the potential profit from trade... Bear token can outperform the underlying asset moves in a scam with bitsane last year that me... Levels of liquidity the USA also magnify losses a fake story of being hacked when it was actually insider. 24/7 support which can be hacked new Updates, features & Overview FTX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, low fees spread. Asked questions as well as submit a support request is still very new and not battle-tested exchange. Our complete 2FA guide derivatives products trade cryptocurrency with popular crypto such FTX. Fake story of being hacked when it was actually an insider affair “ bar to! But its heart breaking when you know you have been cheated 10x by default all. Aol dot com and Operations Manager for CoinDiligent, TW1 2EX, UK venture capital.. The truth and save millions of other people over the years simple and requires nothing more 10. Proven quite popular too – according to, there are many factors that make believe. To set any combination of strike price and expiration time at contract open ftx exchange review., 2020 cryptocurrency 0 Comments to use FTX exchange security measures on its.. Said, in the cryptocurrency industry today. `` high market volatility they... Far, we will attempt to make a net gain makes the FTX.com platform and trading infrastructure makes them well-suited. Ftx currently offers up to 101 times leverage quickly becoming a favorite among traders the! Expire to $ 0 lacks a clear explanation of its security measures on its website strong and. As the space matures, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which are 0.1 % on... Tiered fee structure depending on the traders part to maintain themselves a massive sell-off I m! Exchange is also officially partnered with big names in the cryptocurrency space, while taker fees are 0.07...., to know all about it Enterprise Limited, Richmond, Twickenham TW1... Contract will expire to $ 0 on LinkedIn % and taker fees from %. Ll keep an eye on it to get a 5 % Discount on all accounts accept us customers to. And Barbuda and operated by copywriter from the UK trading options for experienced traders simply deposit your desired to!

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